I am an Opera fanatic! – Paul R. Stremple

Hi, Paul! May you tell us how you were introduced to the art? How and why you became an artist?

My mother is an Artist. It must be in my DNA. Being an artist is not a conscious choice. It took me many years to discover that I was born an artist.

You are an Anthropology graduate. Which role does ‘Humanity’ play in your art? You also raise environmental problems, may you tell us more about it?

Yes, Anthropology, Guess I am trying to figure out what “Humanity” means. Or maybe, what I am saying, is that we need to redefine what it means to be human. Since this “idea” of Humanity, by definition, implies or infers a separation between us and the natural world. And it is this idea which has gotten us, as a species, into so much trouble with the environment. In my Art I try to investigate cultures which had an intimate human/nature connection, cultures from Asia with their notions of “Qi” and prehistoric cultures older than 10,000 years ago. In my Art, I am interested in restoring these ancient cultural links between us and the natural world.

Describe your art in a word.


You use diverse media when creating: acrylic, photograph, shooting, installation. What motivates you to use so many tools?

Changing mediums is important. I work in several different mediums and projects simultaneously. But I will continue to use dispersed sunlight as a medium. Basically, I “render in rainbows”. Because there is a quality to starlight which cannot be duplicated with digital facsimiles or artificial light.

Optical Instrument #11 from the series “Impressions of the Body” 2000.
20cm x 20cm x 50cm 1997

What does inspire you to create?

I get inspiration from other Artists, such as Anish Kapoor, Andy Goldsworthy. Art critics such as Jerry Saltz. Leaders such as Barack Obama.

What is your favorite music right now? Or it may be a book or film?

Maria Callas. I am an Opera fanatic!

May you share with us and readers your plan for 2021?

I am working on getting dates for a show (hopefully in the spring) in NYC at Gallery MC. Covid 19 has really messed up schedules for the galleries. But I am always looking for new venues for my video/sculpture installations. I would love to exhibit my work internationally. Presently, in my studio, I am finishing up several sculptures which I will show in NYC in 2021.

  1. Paul R. Stremple. 1993, Acrylic on Board #4, 122cm x 122cm.
  2. Paul R. Stremple. 1994, Acrylic on Board #6, 122cm x 122cm.
  3. Paul R. Stremple. 1994, Acrylic on Board #8, 122cm x 122cm.

Visit Paul Stremple’s website and learn more about artist and the art.

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