Ural Industrial Biennale: A Time to Embrace and to Refrain From Embracing

The biennial will take place from October 2 until December 5, 2021 in Ekaterinburg. Curated by Çağla Ilk, Misal Adnan Yıldız, and Assaf Kimmel, “Thinking hands, touching each other,” the main project of the 6th Ural Biennial, will feature 52 artists and collectives from 23 countries and regions, who will present 76 works, including 24 new commissions.

What is Ural Industrial Biennale?

The Ural Industrial Biennale is the largest international project in the field of contemporary art in the Russian Federation running since 2010. The main exhibitions of the Ural Biennale are specifically held on the territory of the monuments of industrial heritage.

Ural is the geographical region of Russia boarded with Siberia.

In contrast to the widespread world experience, when art projects occupy the space of disbanded and abandoned industrial enterprises, the Ural Biennale is actively working with existing industries. Exhibition projects are held on their territory, as well as an art residency program that offers artists a unique experience of interacting with the industrial production of the Ural region. The works created by the artists during their stay at the Ural factories are shown at the final exhibition of the program of art residences.

By creating conditions for the interaction of artists and spectators with industrial territories, the Biennale offers new optics for comprehending the problems of industrial and symbolic production, industrial and artistic labor, industrialism and post-industrialism.

The Biennale pays great attention to working with the audience. It includes an art mediation program and many educational and discussion formats that make contemporary art understandable for different categories of viewers.

Its 6th edition is dedicated to social distancing theme, however, only fair to say that this theme has been chosen before the corona intervened to our lives.

We do not know what will happen in 2021, but we believe that by the time the 6th Biennial is launched, we will arrive at an understanding of the time we find ourselves in and will know whether we can hold our hope for embracing or whether we should still refrain from it.

Ural Industrial Biennale team

You can go though the Biennale website to read more about the main programme, artist-in-residency and special projects.

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