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To pave the way for a world full of knowledge shared by many and accessible to all through digital content where arts and culture flourish, heal, awaken and inspire hearts


A platform for the promotion of arts and culture by encouraging and supporting artists and celebrating the beauty of cultural legacy through shared humanity


  • We value creativity and artistic expression
  • We value our histories, stories and cultures
  • We value our differences and similarities
Klaudia Chzhu
/ Клаудиа Чжу
(Russia | Spain)
Master in Arts & Cultural Management at UIC Barcelona
Renata Procopio
(Brazil | Spain)
Master in Arts & Cultural Management at UIC Barcelona
Priyanka Ragji
(India | Spain)
PhD Student in Humanities at UIC Barcelona

Art & Culture Inside is a platform spearheaded by three art and cultural managers from Brazil, Russia and India based in Spain. Our aim is to deconstruct the barriers existing in these spheres and make the field more accessible and open by inspiring and informing the audience.

Arts & Cultures always heal our hearts, they make us better humans

by Art & Culture Inside

Art & Culture Inside is a community of concerned people with no geographical limits. We welcome people to read all the latest news in the fields of arts and culture, the interviews with artists & professionals, who inspire, articles and blog posts, to find open-calls in arts and culture; and to engage in cultural projects in a virtual form.

For general inquiries, proposals, collabs, and more, get in touch at:


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