Dialogue 38 | Christina Massey

BIO: Christina Massey’s work has exhibited extensively in over a dozen solo exhibitions including such locations as the Blackbird Gallery … More

Dialogue 37 | Hira Kazmi

BIO: Hira Kazmi is an internationally featured illustrator based in Pakistan. Her work embodies societal taboos. Every illustration that she … More

Dialogue 34 | Salvatore Garau

BIO Salvatore Garau (b. 1953) is an Italian artist from the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. Garau studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti … More

Dialogue 33 | Pete Rey

BIO Rey’s creative journey began at a young age, initially signed to BritArt at the age of 21, selling abstract … More

Dialogue 32 | Sangeeta Singh

Artist Statement With fluid line work and highly experimental use of media, I paint intimate portraits, dynamic animal representations and … More

Dialogue 31 | Werner Szendi

BIO Szendi Werner (born in 1966 in Guessing, Austria, childhood and youth in Harmisch, Burgenland) currently lives and works in … More

Dialogue 24 | Elina V. G.

Elina V.G. is a watercolor artist who explores the beauty of daily life. She seeks to change people’s perception of their surroundings by painting everyday life treasures, because it looks as if we sometimes forget to stop and enjoy them for what they are. Maybe because of that Elina adheres realism in her practice.

Dialogue 22 | Trudy Rice

I love using color. At art school I was told to ‘tone my colors down,’ but now in my practice, the colors have come alive.

Dialogue 21 | Duncan McAfee

I love contradictions. I playfully reference art history, big ideas and religious iconography and paint them with irreverence, like a game of consequences, grand themes about life and death, time and history, approached with a light touch.