Dialogue 25 | Danijela Nedeljković

For our 25th dialogue, the mathematician Danijela Nedeljković talks to us about her lively artwork, which can brighten the gloomiest of days!

Danijela…first off, thank you for taking your time out to do the interview!
Beginnings inspire us and give us hope, so take us back to yours…

I’m a mathematician and work with children at school! I didn’t train as an artist or learn any techniques in the art that I practice – be it painting, photography or even video.

It’s been just 3 years that I’ve been active in the art world, but it feels like I have been doing this for all my life! I’m still growing as an artist everyday and one can see the maturity in my works. Even so, my very first exhibition was at the Contemporary Mediterranean Art 2019 in Italy. That event acted as an alarm clock to awaken my artistic soul. From that moment on, there was no looking back. Future without art for me is impossible.

Where and what is your North Star? 

It is inside me! I do what I do for the sense of peace and satisfaction it gives me. My north star pushes me to inspire, ennoble and send a whole lotta good to people.

What does your work stand for?

My art as a modern expression of the reconciliation of the spiritual and physical modern being. It is also the most accurate way to describe myself as a visual artist. I have had a pull for all things humane. That is also how I want to see the world. I create art for people.

The squares in my works represent what we cannot see and where mathematics and art unite. These parts can be viewed as sample anomalies. The mistakes or aberrations will not significantly interfere with proper reasoning or cause major deviations from the direction of humanism, if we consciously choose not to give them importance. Everything is connected – maths, art, philosophy, all of it.

And where does the inspiration come from?

I look for a visual expression which corresponds to my current state of being, be it my emotions or thoughts and whatever comes after, is “by coincidence” or spontaneous. When I say coincidence, what I actually mean is that they’re a representation of the ambience, space, people I thought of while I was creating them. My photo collages give me a sense of freedom.  Especially after sharing them with others. They’re my way of “confessing” or “forgiving”, my therapy.

Brush to canvas, how do you go about it?

My art is completely spontaneous and intuitive. I return to my works after they’re done and that’s where I find my soul or parts of it- (homeland, childhood, upbringing, maturity, education, motherhood, etc…) And I am highly appreciative of the kind of freedom I get to experiment and wouldn’t trade it for the planned or expected patterns of creating art.

Being a mathematician, does perfection take over at times? 

Hahaha, it happens with everybody, doesn’t it? I do, at times, return to my art and try to look at them with a new perspective and re-work them to  give them a new look or a new life.

Challenges in this field are hardly expressed out loud and we want to break this cycle…

The challenges of dealing with art are most often related to finances. Most have to take the starving artist route, living on the bare minimum… Personally, all my earnings as a mathematician to fund my art. Very often my wonderful husband also chips in to help me financially and present my artwork.

When you are not busy playing with numbers or dabbling in art, how do you spend your time?

My free time is spent with my family (my husband and my three children). Apart from that, I also enjoy long walks in nature and socializing.

*All photos courtesy of the artist.*

If you like Danijela’s work, check out her:

Instagram: @danijela_nedeljkovic_art

Website: https://danijelanedeljkovi.wixsite.com/website

Ilmazu Artist Profile: https://ilmazu.com/all-artists/danijela-nedeljkovic/

Author: Priyanka Ragji

Instagram: @priyankaragji

LinkedIn: Priyanka Ragji

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