Shanghai Metro Line 15 Wuzhong Road Station by WUTOPIA LAB

The world’ newest metro station, Shanghai Metro Line 15 Wuzhong Road Station was open to the public right before the Chinese new year of 2021.

Designed by the Shanghai-based architecture and design studio W-mills by Wutobia Lab, the subway station hall should be a symbolic social space. “Shanghai offers many people the opportunity to realize their dreams, and in the city of Shanghai, anything is possible if you have a dream.”

Shanghai’s foundation was unsuitable for metro construction, but it ended up being the city with the longest running mileage of subway in the world. The continuous extension of the subway has driven the rapid expansion of Shanghai’s urban areas as well as its prosperity. Based on this, an idea naturally came to mind. If the ground level of the station hall is seen as the Huangpu River, then it should be flanked by the spectacular city scenes of Pudong and Puxi, and the two ends of the hall should reflect the magnificent future of Shanghai. The architects needed to express this symbol in an abstract figurative visual image and effectively convey it to the citizens with a simple expression.

The architect firstly use perforated aluminum panels on both sides of the station hall to shape the cascading city scenes of both sides of the Huangpu River. You can see familiar landmarks, among the abstract expressions of Shanghai as a city of skyscrapers. The cityscape on both sides of the station hall extends upward along the arch wall, reaching to join together. The mirrored reflective walls on both sides of the hall extend this citycape infinitely, as if there is no end to it, and you are proud to see the great city of Shanghai in a place that is familiar and somewhat unfamiliar. And in the end you still has a sense of belonging, and proud to be a part of this great city, as a old or new Shanghainese or just a visitor.

Therefore, the Wuzhong Road subway station hall is a new type of urban public social space that symbolizes Shanghai’s construction achievements with an abstract figuration of minimalism, like an exhibition hall.

The public is guided in and out of the station hall by the city’s skyline, which are abstracted into a continuous LED strip, and the lines here do not repeat the complex design of the station hall, as if they were a restrained prelude or epilogue to the climax.

You may notice that the platform ceiling also has this linear LED strip, but you will not realize that they are actually symbolizing the Shanghai Metro map, with the movement of the light synchronizing the direction of the subway running on both sides of the platform.

The Wuzhong Road subway station hall is now considered the living room of the city.
“At this time, Shanghai becomes a world of light, a sea of light, like countless stars falling on the world.”

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