Dialogue 27 | Metodija Jovanov

Artist statement

Metodija Jovanov is a fine artist from North Macedonia who mainly focuses on painting with acrylics and oils but as a creative visual artist he also dips his toes in photo and video editing, and collage from time to time. In his art, Metodija explores a wide variety of topics, however his muse is, by and large, a pop culture.  Metodija labels his art and style as Excellent Kitsch protesting the pretentiousness of “good taste” and minimalism. 

Hi, Metodija! Nice to meet you! Could you introduce yourself? Your background and why and how you became an artist?

I am a 23 year-old painter from North Macedonia. I have always been interested in visuals. My whole life, ever since I was very little, I have paid a lot of attention, and analysed things visually. I get a very big feeling of satisfaction when I am looking at something that I find beautiful and… So, I believe it was very natural – my interest in art and me becoming an artist.

Why pop art?

Because I feel like it is very relevant still. What is more, I love the bright colours and the camp elements of it. 

What is your source for inspiration? Could you share music/movie/book/any other thing that is inspiring and motivating you to create?

The inspiration behind my art… Well, it’s other art, celebrity culture, fashion, everyday life and the aim towards happiness. Music has a great influence on me in general. I don’t think I would enjoy creating as much as I do if I didn’t listen to music. When I am working I like to listen to a lot of rock influenced pop music, a lot of the times with bits of psychedelic rock. My playlist includes music by Fleetwood Mac, Zella Day, Elton John, Natalie Bergman/Wild Belle, Ben Howard etc.

What is the message behind your art? We would like to hear the interpretation of one of your works! 

My main goal, most of the time, is to create something that looks beautiful to me. I paint subjects that fascinate me and put my own little twist on them. For example, I have been intrigued by the idea of mermaids ever since I can remember. In my painting Siren I have sort of expressed that, but I combined that with another thing that fascinates me which is old horror movies – I love the kitsch elements of old horror films. 

And I usually like things that are over the top, I am very much into glamorous and flamboyant imagery. When things are just pretty it bores me. Too much good taste is boring. There is this quote by Diana Vreeland: “A little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprika. We all need a splash of bad taste-it’s hearty, it’s healthy, it’s physical. I think we could use more of it. No taste is what I’m against.” – It is my motto basically.

How you would describe your art in a word?

Can I do two words?


Excellent Kitsch.

Anything you want to share with us: current or planned residency, exhibitions or projects? 

Well, just recently I launched my website – www.excellentkitsch.com, which is in a way an online portfolio of mine, but also includes a merchandise web shop where people are able to buy art prints and many other things. I am also constantly working on new artworks.

Thank Metodija! Your new website looks great! See you soon!

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