No puedo saber cuándo empecé a dibujar porque siempre lo he hecho – Manuel Domingo Castellanos

Hola, Manuel! Our first traditional question is how did you start your experience with art?

I don’t know when I started to paint because I have been doing this all my life. It has been my company for as long as I can remember and it has never stopped accompanying me and defending me in the hard times that appear throughout life.

What motivates you to create?

Nothing and everything. I do not intend to teach anything to anyone with my painting, it simply helps me to understand things better and overcome obstacles.

Manuel Domingo Castellanos. Calle Narváez, acrílico sobre lienzo

Do you have an artist who has inspired your own art practice or any artwork in particular that has influenced you?

In the field of plastic arts, I like all the trends that I consider horrendous. I can like very open aspects of painting such as lack of credence or evanescent blurring, but I can also be moved by the cold and drawing lines. It is not a question of means or tendency but of achievement and expression.

Can you share with us some tools/media that you would like to experiment?

Although I mainly enjoy acrylic painting (due to its variety of resources and possibilities), I have also worked with watercolor, drawing (mainly with ballpoint pen and markers), collages, photomontages, etc. But almost always on two-dimensional surfaces.
Now, I am practicing sewing fabrics as a canvas on which to paint later.

Describe your art in a word.


Art for art’s sake or art for people?

I have to admit that people are not in my mind when I paint, at least in a conscious way. But neither do I believe that my position is that of the hedonist confined in his ivory tower who performs his artistic work only to morbidly enjoy his production, in a Wagnerian exaltation of beauty.

What is your recent work/new body of work? What is it about?

I am a person to whom the same subject can provoke thousands of interpretations. I do not need to change to the socaire of my environment to feel comfortable in what I do. On the contrary, I tend to be moved by the same concerns and passions, which I consider

May you share your social media to follow you and know more about your art?


What is your plan for 2021?

I have been offered the possibility of exhibiting in an Exhibition in parallel with the Venice Biennale next year, but I don’t think I am going to find a sponsor to take care of the expenses. We live in difficult and confusing times.

Thank you so much, Manuel, for your story and we hope that you can exhibit in the Parallel Exhibition! Te deseamos mucha suerte!

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