User Engagement for Cultural Heritage

This post reviews the webconference entitled Digital Transformation for User Engagement in Cultural Heritage, organized by Photoconsortium in collaboration with Europeana and the Cyprus University of Technology, on November 5, 2020, as well as a course on Creating a Digital Cultural Heritage Community on edX online platform.

PAGODE – Europeana China presents the example of its crowdsourcing campaign and provides the insights of leveraging on:

• expert as well as general knowledge
• the superiority of humans in perception and image reading
• the desire of the heritage community to be heard and consulted
• the power of numbers (quantity) when it comes to metadata
• good design and intuitive interaction
• gamification and competition elements

Source: Digital Meets Culture

Creating a Digital Cultural Heritage Community course explains the User Engagement methods when we digitalize Cultural Heritage such as:

The term ‘User Engagement’ refers primarily to assessing a user’s engagement with the digital platform or tool and finding ways to enhance their experience. Strategies of User Engagement might be:

  • CO-CREATION (mode of collective working of professionals as well as citizens to generate stories);
  • CROWDSOURCING (outsourcing of activities via an open call to an online community);
  • RE-PHOTOGRAPHY (photographing the same site with a time lag between the two images);
  • DIGITAL STORYTELLING (using digital tools to tell a story or create a narrative).

WEB DOCUMENTARY also should be mentioned here as a digitalizing method of Cultural Heritage. A web documentary, interactive documentary, or multimedia documentary is a documentary production that differs from the more traditional forms—video, audio, photographic—by applying a full complement of multimedia tools. The interactive multimedia capability of the Internet provides documentarians with a unique medium to create non-linear productions that combine photography, text, audio, video, animation, and infographics based on real time content. This way the publications progresses over several weeks.

What other User Engagement methods do you know? Share with us!

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