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This blog post contains tips and insights on designing home spaces with art pieces.

Indeed, art today is not a luxury, as it was before, we might say, until the 20th century. Obviously, we are not pretending to talk here about art objects that auction houses such as the most famous and recognizable ones Christie’s and Sotheby’s sell. We are talking about affordable art works (mainly by emerging artists or unknown artists) that can make your home space more atmospheric, fashionable, and comfortable or maybe minimalistic, everything you wish.

According to Vogue Living – the journal about design and interiors, – ’embracing art’ is one of the 11th ways to make the house feel more expensive.

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An interior designer Brian Woulfe, who has a interior design studio based in London, talks (in The Independent) about the Value of Art In The House. “Artwork, whether paintings, sculpture or drawings, adds serious qualitative value to the home. For me, a home is incomplete without the presence of art, be it an original Hirst or a haul from a degree show. From showcasing your identity to enlivening the spirits of your guests, art provides value in myriad unexpected ways,’ – Brian Woulfe says.

Brian Woulfe believes that the best collection of artwork for the home is one that stirs you and reflects your personality, regardless of style, era or medium. Before specifying artwork
for any of my clients, I get to know them on both personal and professional levels. Choosing art is such a personal endeavour, so curating for others is a delicate challenge, but the bottom line for any personal art collection is to buy only what you love. Art brings a mood or atmosphere to a space in a way that colour and furniture simply can’t. It can provide humour, whimsy or a sense of reflection.

Top tips how to design the home space by Brian Woulfe

  • Buy only what you love!
  • It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford artwork by classical masters… Contemporary art by emerging artists is just as worthy of your wall space
  • Decide whether you want your art to extend the overall aesthetic of the interiors, or contrast with it to create a more dynamic scheme
  • Use art to give your space impactful personality. Use colour and subject matter to define the atmosphere of your room

Read the full article here.

Where to find affordable art pieces, we will explain in the next posts, stay tuned for more!

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