Dialogue 29 | Pau Escat

Hi Pau! Nice to meet you! Could you tell us about yourself and share the story of how and why you became an artist? 

I look for a harmony between color and light. I consider myself a great defender of total freedom of expression in art and I try to avoid classifications. I consider my work as a unique experience with the spectators. I invite you to participate in a state of reflection and connection with the present, through shades and light.

I came from an interior designers and jewelers family so I grew up with a lot of inspiration for aesthetics, colours and composition. When I was young I was very attracted to the arts.

I started my studies in art and I experimented for many years, travelling and discovering my self.  In my beginnings of being an artist, I was interested in photography and figurative art. I always tried to represent the beauty and captain incredible moments for me. Then, I started experimenting with abstract and I finally found the meaning and my passion, also I learned how I could transmit to the world my unique way of perceiving it. 

What role a gold color does play in your art practice? Tell us more about your passion for this particular color?

I work with gold to represent the light. 

As it was mentioned before, I grew and learned all the processes in jewelry from my grandmother, she was an significant jeweler in Barcelona. So maybe I have gold recorded inside of me. 

Once I found the energy of the light with gold then I just went to find perfection from all the other color combinations, getting them from imperfect brush strokes one by one. So my objective is to find the perfection from all the imperfections in the abstract. One of my teachers always told me that the most difficult thing in the abstract is to know when your art is finished. I just know the moment because I always try to be connected with my work, then the art speaks to me and it’s easier to know how it has been done. 

Pau Escat. BOSCO I, mixed media on canvas, 2020, 100 cm diameter

This work reflects the light that is born between the trees. The sensation of the rays that arrive and perceive on your face. This feeling of feeling free and breathing pure air in contact with nature.

“One of my teachers always told me that the most difficult thing in the abstract is to know when your art is finished.”

Pau Escat

Could you tell us more about issues you raise by means of your art? What should recipient feel when looking at your work? Could you explain on the example of one of your paintings?

Pau Escat. Conticinio II, mixed media on canvas, 2021, 90×65 cm

The magnificence of the night is clear in this work, a wide layer of elegant darkness coexists with the light of the metallic paint, reflecting the different moments of the day on its surface, flooding the space with sober finesse.

My work is very clear, we live in a society that is not connected with the present. It is not connected with the earth, the animals and people, we are not connected with ourselves. The most important thing for humans is to listen to themselves, feel and love themselves. Once you get it, then you can find your way in life. Then you can understand and help others and your mind is ready to love everything. With my work I try to give an oasis to our minds, to help to relax our mind and help you to connect with yourself. There are so many ways to understand art, but one of the things that I love in art is the freedom that you have. Then, in my opinion, art should exist to help the world and try to create messages that can help others to change their way. 

We spend every single day in front of our screens, advertisements of striking colours attack our sight and our mind, without us even taking notice. They sneak into our subconscious creating a whirlwind of images that dance in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. If our eyes and thoughts could rest from such an overwhelming spectacle just for a moment… That is precisely what I am looking for with my work. A break. A parenthesis. An oasis created from restrained colours. They are pure energy mixed with physical matter. Chromatic austerity is linked to the spiritual grounding, so my intention with each piece of my work is to tell you: ‘Hey, stop for a moment. You are here. It is now. Live in the present moment.’

How would you describe your art practice?

For me it’s important to learn new things, be informed with what is happening around, also travelling and paying a lot of attention to small details. Also meditation is a good way to start the day with energy. 

Pau Escat. Icaro VI, mixed media on canvas, 2021, 200×140 cm

The sun, the energy of the star, is honored in this art. Icaro. 
In the legend, Icarus got too close to the sun, with the wax wings that his father made for him. 

When this happens, I start receiving signs, compositions and colours in my mind. Then working in my studio is very inspirational and everything flows with ease. 

Could you share with us your current or upcoming projects or collaborations with institutions or artists? 

My wife, Alicia Gimeno, is an artist. We have recently together founded Casa Studio Granados in Eixample, Barcelona. Is a great space! Dating from the early twentieth century in the modernista architectural style, it boasts original mosaic floor tiling, high ceilings and natural Mediterranean light that enhances the beauty and uniqueness of our works and that of invited guest brands and artists. 

A creative meeting place where we love to  share our passion for art through our own work and that of the brands and other artists on display there. Casa Estudio Granados gets underway as an open space for the arts and an exchange between creatives, collectors, specifiers and clients.

Pau Escat. Lima II, mixed media on canvas, 2021, 150×120 cm Lima II.

Lima is the vibration of joy, color, life … It evokes lush vegetation, fauna, flora in tune with humanity. A place, a moment, where each brushstroke lifts the daytime and nighttime mood. —— Lima 2, the last moment of the day, the moment when the lights go out and the reign of the night begins in the jungle of life, another scene, other movements, a different, elegant and mysterious feeling that transports the enigmatic nightlife on the planet, that, for the artist Pau Escat, is Lima 2, and for you?

One day we will come back to Barcelona and will be very happy to visit you rand your wife’s studio in Eixample! Can’t wait for it!

web site: pauescat.com | instagram: @pauescat 

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