By making champagne and painting, we tend to reach the same goal: we want people to have emotions – Sarah Launois

Hello, dear Sarah! Could you introduce us, your background, and your art-practice?

I studied Art in an Art school in France and I obtained my diploma in 2007. My work was about painted nudes in movement. I worked on the lines and movements of bodies to show the sensuality and personality that bodies can express. I also worked a lot on engraving and in the photographic laboratory, always on the same subjects, the expressiveness of the line, the composition and the impression of movement in the image. I made large formats on canvases and walls so that the characters are always at real size. I then joined a school of art and graphic design where I learned to work with all digital media and all creative software. I stayed at the Liepzig art school for 4 months to finish my Masters.

Today I continue to work on large formats. I also realize small formats sketches to continue to  explore the line and the expressiveness of the characters or moments.  

I mainly use ink and acrylic for my paintings. I prefer painting on large formats and directly on the wall. I  always use video to capture the movement and the faces of my characters. 

Sarah Launois is in the process of creation

You combine Art x Champagne drinking culture, could you explain more how was your path toward this symbiosis? How this idea came to your mind? 

I am from Champagne and when I met my husband after my studies, I started to work with him to create a winery and elaborate Champagne in 2015. I am passionate about Champagne and Art and I realized that these two passions were very close and can be paired.  

At the beginning of our adventure, I spent all my time to create the image of our brand and after that, I decided to use my art skills to give a character to our winery. I decided to do painting about that because I  am interested in the champagne making. By making champagne and painting, we tend to reach the same goal: we want people to have emotions.

What are you thinking about when painting?  What role does the Champagne/Wine play in your  art? Apart from your passion for champagne, what  issues does your art arise?

I choose to show how the people work, the movement, how the people express and how this passion about  wine or other things can be transmit to each other. I do not paint only about champagne, but I paint about people who have a strong pleasure or euphoria when they do something: the same euphoria when you drink champagne and while I am painting. The very expressive line is the most important for me to demonstrate this sensation. I would like to  highlight people’s work, passion or pain. I paint people at work and in their everyday life to replace them in a difference context and highlight their subconsciousness.

Sarah Launois. Champagne Work#1
140 x 195 cm Canvas, Acrylic, 2020, 2500 euros

You are also an entrepreneur, working together  with your husband. You have a restaurant, right?  Could you share with us how you contribute  to this business and we would love to see some  photographs of your space designed by you! 

We do not have a restaurant, but we have a bed and  breakfast at the winery. We love to welcome people  and share with them our passion. I designed the bed and breakfast and all our workspace. I intervened on the walls, I created the furniture and renovated everything so that the customers are immersed in our universe between art and champagne. I designed the  labels (see below) and wooden boxes for Champagne. 

What does motivate you to create? 

My project is that the customers who come to us will be won over by our champagne and by the art. I am attracted by complete environments and I would like to extend my artwork to entire rooms, to pair interior design and art works.

We cannot miss this question…what bottle of  wine/champagne your husband and you advise to try? Many options are more than welcome! 

Our champagnes also have this sensitivity and this ability to give you emotion. We would be delighted to share them with you. And, of course, we would be glad to welcome you in Le Mesnil sur Oger.

Room bed and breakfast bar designed by Sarah Launois

Material: Sarah Launois | Dialogue written by Klaudia Chzhu

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