It was, I believe, a sign of resistance – Miguel Lopez Remiro

Hello, Miguel! We are very happy to interview you! We were used to see you as our teacher in Arts & Cultural Management MA course. But today we speak to you as an artist. Can you tell us when you started painting and what inspires you to create?

I began painting when I was a kid. What inspires me to create is my own necessity of painting, and plowing from that sensation to find meaning.

Do you have an artist who has influenced your own art practice or any artwork in particular that has influenced you?

Many, I would say first of all American abstract painting and European expressionism. Also, minimalists and post minimalist artists such as Serra or Elena Asins.

Describe your art in one word.


We cannot miss the question related to coronavirus and its influence on our lifestyle. How has the spreading new virus affected your life and art?

The virus has affected us in many ways, and since the very first days of the pandemic and I started to think that the world is not going to be the same after this. How does this affected my work? Well as in other faces of our careers and projects, I had the impulse of creating from that and not being afraid of the situation, and be responsive to what was happening.

Miguel Lopez Remiro. “On Ingres, 1”
March 2020, 
Acrylic over a photograph of a painting by Jean Auguste Ingres. Scanned and printed on a scale 1×1, dina4, on Hahnemühle Photo Matt paper
Edition of 50 plus 1 A.P. Signed and numbered, 200€

What is your recent work/new body of work? What is it about?

During the confinement I painted on 4 books of old masters painters. It was, I believe, a sign of resistance but also a way of reading the meaning of my own painting in times of uncertainty. I didn’t have access to my studio and one day I looked at my library and decided to paint over books by 4 artists: Ingres, Goya, George De La Tour and Clara Peeters. 

Any artist in particular that you would like to collaborate with?

My practice as an artist is individual in my case. But I really enjoy my conversations and collaborations with artists.

Can you share your plan for 2021 with us?

Call myself artist

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