2021 – New Postpones, Why?

In the past 2020, b/triennials, art fairs, exhibitions were postponed or even canceled … Although people hoped for 2021 as a period of recovery and relief from the unprecedented and stressful situation of the 21st century, in reality, little has changed …

Back in May 2020, the Venice Biennale postponed its two editions to 2022. Art Basil postpones its June fair to the end of September. The famous Latin American ZonaMaco art fair postpones its 2021 edition, it was informed that the fair will take place on February 9-13, 2022. Expo Chicago art fair was postponed until at least July, 2021, and in-person format will take place in September or even in 2022. London Art Fair takes place 20-31 January 2021 in alternative digital format.

It reminds the beginning of the 2020 year when art fairs and the art world in general hoped so much for the last half of the year postponing events to September, October, November, December… This year many art fairs take place from July 2021.

In this connection the questions arise…such as do we still really need postpones and cancellations of events if people do gather when protesting, as an example, or using public transport such as metro, trains, and buses, or going to shopping malls? Does the art market deserve such devastating actions? And not only the art market but all spheres of arts and culture. Why it cannot be taken place by introducing all protective measures (as it was in September 2020 with Cosmoscow art fair in Moscow, Russia)? In addition, the online format that is so lovely to all of us cannot replace physical personal communication that is, obviously, a key in art market operations. And the art fairs are one the most significant and grandiose events for art galleries.

What do you think about it? Do you agree with our opinion?

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