Why May 9 is important to me

On the day of May 9, Russians celebrate a Victory day back in 1945 when Hitler was defeated. Russians commemorate people who sacrificed their lives in that cruel human war: women and men, young and old people. It matters to us because every family has its heroes, great grandfathers, and great grandmothers who had to fight for their motherland.

Dialogue 22 | Trudy Rice

I love using color. At art school I was told to ‘tone my colors down,’ but now in my practice, the colors have come alive.

Dialogue 21 | Duncan McAfee

I love contradictions. I playfully reference art history, big ideas and religious iconography and paint them with irreverence, like a game of consequences, grand themes about life and death, time and history, approached with a light touch.

Love is love

Behind the stunning design of the dresses, the exhibition was at the same time sending out a strong social message of freedom, tolerance and rights of every person to love and to beloved. This message came across in the right moment when Serbia is in the process of adopting the legislation on same-sex partnerships, while Montenegro and Croatia were the only countries in the Western Balkan which already adopted the law.

Dialogue 20 | Joaquim S. Marques

Joaquim lives and works in Lisbon. He studied at the Offenbach School of Arts and Design and at the Frankfurt School of Fine Arts, where he completed his degree in Visual Arts in 1995.