Dialogue 20 | Joaquim S. Marques

Joaquim lives and works in Lisbon. He studied at the Offenbach School of Arts and Design and at the Frankfurt School of Fine Arts, where he completed his degree in Visual Arts in 1995.

Dialogue 18 | Orchestra conductor Santiago J. Otero Vela

Santiago Jesús Otero Vela was born in Málaga (Spain), where he studied piano, trombone and percussion. Despite his extensive instrumental training, conducting has always been his strongest vocation, in which he has focused all of his efforts by always searching for a distinctive value and the highest interpretative and technical quality. 

Intervariactivity of Sève Favre

I put my work in the hands of the spectator, but I trust him/her in the hope that he/she will trust himself. And perhaps learning how to manage this very specific fear will enable him or her to better manage others.

‘Those shapes did not satisfy me’ – Nastya

My art is applied, sometimes combining three functions: utilitarian, aesthetic and artistic. But I want to give up direct functionality in my art. I create objects, and provide an opportunity to “animate” them the way that the person – who decided to acquire my art object – wishes. My objects are self-sufficient and free of purpose.