#SOSAfricanHeritage 2021

The German Commission for UNESCO herewith invites UNESCO World Heritage sites and UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in Africa to submit proposals … More

Why May 9 is important to me

On the day of May 9, Russians celebrate a Victory day back in 1945 when Hitler was defeated. Russians commemorate people who sacrificed their lives in that cruel human war: women and men, young and old people. It matters to us because every family has its heroes, great grandfathers, and great grandmothers who had to fight for their motherland.

Heritage Youth Ambassadors 2021 – Europa Nostra, ESACH and EHT

A new year has brought a number of fresh and exciting commitments to heritage young professionals across Europe and beyond. On 28 January, Europa Nostra officially launched its ‘European Heritage Youth Ambassadors Programme’, in partnership with the European Students’ Association for Cultural Heritage (ESACH) and the European Heritage Tribune.

What is Blue Shield?

This blue icon means protection for our cultural heritage. It is the emblem of the Blue Shield and it is … More