Street art in Rome welcomes the extraordinary artist JR, in Palazzo Farnese

The exclusive exhibition will be presented by the French artist/filmmaker JR (Paris, 1983) and the director Mathieu Kassovitz.

Palazzo Farnese, home of the French embassy in Rome, will host one of his interventions, a mural that, as in the Florentine work, seems to open up the imposing Renaissance building, showing its interior to passers-by.

After “tearing up” the Palazzo Strozzi last March in Florence with his work La ferita and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, it is Rome’s turn. Among Jr’s installations also the “gap” in front of the Eiffel Tower (Rai News).

Palazzo Farnese

The mural ‘Vanishing Point’ by the street artist JR appeared as a black and white work with a three-dimensional effect, showing as if it were a crack, the interior of the Renaissance building of Palazzo Farnese in Rome.

The French Embassy has launched a series of artistic projects to coincide with these interventions. These projects aim to reveal the centuries-old history of one of Rome’s most beautiful palaces from the 16th century in a contemporary key, starting with Olivier Grossetête’s monumental Ponte Farnese, which for a few days brought Michelangelo’s unfinished project to connect Palazzo Farnese to the gardens of the Villa Farnesina back to life on the Tiber.

Ponte Farnese

Meanwhile, the European premiere of JR’s “PAPER & GLUE” at the “Cinema in the Piazza”.
The French artist’s “Roman holidays” don’t stop at the big art installation at Palazzo Farnese. On Friday 23rd July at 9.15 p.m., at the Parco della Cervelletta (Tor Sapienza), the festival curated by the Associazione Piccolo America will host the European premiere of “Paper & Glue”, a documentary by JR that has just had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival 2021. The exclusive screening will be presented by the artist/director JR himself and the director Mathieu Kassovitz.

Paper & Glue” is a documentary that traces JR’s intense artistic career from his first graffiti videos on the rooftops of Paris to his latest projects.

The event – moderated by journalist Cecilia Sala – can be attended free of charge only by registering on (subject to availability).

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