Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the 2011 UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape

The HUL Anniversary Event not only marks the start of the 2021 celebration but serves as a catalyst for greater adoptions of the HUL approach.

Serving as a platform to share lessons learned from COVID-19 and to resume discussions on the future of urban management, topics such as public space, renovations, tourism, infrastructure and livelihoods will be explored. The Recommendation will provide an overall framework, while local needs and resources determine the implementation form.

Call for Action

The tailored approach, which considers the differing needs of the World Heritage and non-World Heritage cities, as well as roles played by high-level participants and technical actors, allows for targeted advocacy, effective knowledge exchange, and attainment of commitment at multiple levels.

Together, the HUL Anniversary will advocate for a sustainable and local-led urban recovery and relaunch the HUL Recommendation towards global implementation.

UNESCO invites all cities and towns to join the Call for Action to raise awareness about the Recommendation and to accelerate inclusive urban and heritage management through HUL.

  1. Sensitize local and national actors about the HUL approach and encourage its implementation ⇾ Based on the key principles of HUL
  2. Promote a local urban consultation process to empower stakeholders including NGOs, public and private stakeholders to support a HUL-driven urban development ⇾ By joining the UNESCO network and exchanging on good practices
  3. Develop local heritage management actions based on the HUL approach ⇾ By joining the UNESCO network and exchanging on good practices

Source and more: https://whc.unesco.org/en/events/1596

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