Vincent Van Gogh 600-drone show breaks world record

The drones “painted” in the sky works such as The Starry Night and The Sunflowers.

A performance by China’s EFYI Group has entered the record books for the longest show involving drones. The performance featured 600 unmanned aerial vehicles with a time of 26 minutes 19 seconds. The show’s organisers enlisted the help of Tianjin University and the drones used were the Agile Bee II.

The presentation had as its theme the life and works of the Dutch artist and painter Vincent Van Gogh. The drones were organised in a formation reminiscent of his most famous paintings, such as Starry Night, Sunflowers, Mulberry Tree in Autumn and Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat. The style in which the drones moved and “painted” the works in the sky was somewhat reminiscent of the aesthetic followed by Van Gogh – with thick “brush strokes” and a more dramatic approach.

Some of the recreated paintings were:: 

  • Wheat field with cypresses 
  • Cypresses and two women
  • The Mulberry Tree in Autumn 
  • The Starry Night
  • Starry Night Over the Rhône
  • Almond blossoms
  • Sunflowers (series)
  • Bedroom in Arles
  • Self-portrait 

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