CHARTER Alliance unites and professionalises the European Cultural Heritage sector!

One of the Art & Culture Inside’s goals is to provide its public, especially emerging professionals, with useful sources for inspiration and developing skills and knowledge. And here we are more than excited to share a new 4-year running project (2021-2024) co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union called CHARTER!

CHARTER, the European Cultural Heritage Skills Alliance, brings together and represents the whole range of the cultural heritage sector in Europe. They strives towards making apparent the value of cultural heritage and creating a resilient and responsive sector. CHARTER works towards creating a lasting, comprehensive strategy that will guarantee Europe has the necessary cultural heritage skills to support sustainable societies and economies.

The Alliance covers 5 fields of analysis to identify core and transversal competences, including digital, technological and green adaptation skills:

  • Safeguarding and Preservation;
  • Crafts and Traditional Knowledge;
  • Dissemination and Communication;
  • Knowledge;
  • Planning and Management.

The Alliance will map the needs of the CH sector to identify skills shortages and mismatches in order to develop fitting training programmes for already active CH professionals. The Alliance will also support adaptability within the educational system, with the aim that curricula and learning goals reflect the current and coming needs of the sector. Upskilling of core and transversal skills will be made easy and exchange, capacity building and movement within Europe will be encouraged. All efforts combined will professionalise the sector and CHARTER will showcase that CH is integral in achieving social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Digitisation, 3D modelling, virtual and augmented reality complement the traditional skills essential to care for cultural heritage. In line with the EU priority on advancing cooperation on digitising cultural heritage, the mapping of skills and creation of training modules will include core and transversal digitisation and digital preservation skills.

The visitor of CHARTER website is also welcomed to read articles, interviews and news on Cultural Heritage ecosystem conducted by the CHARTER Alliance.

To summarize the mission of CHARTER, we would like to quote Lluís Bonet, a CHARTER coordinator and Director of the Cultural Management Programme at University of Barcelona:

This is not just any project. When the European Union decided to reorganize the occupational and training frameworks of its strategic economic sectors, cultural heritage was considered a priority. This is a challenge not only to ensure the best education and training, best professionals and optimal mobility at European level, but also to place Europe as a central reference worldwide…For this reason, it is important to trace the value chain of these professions and emerging training needs.

Material provided by CHARTER

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