Towards a Gender Equity in the Arts

An overview of the article entitled ‘Towards a Gender Equity in the Arts’ conducted by one of the Art & Culture Inside founder Klaudia Chzhu for Asia-Europe Foundation and ENCATC.

We are delighted to share with you an article piece by Klaudia Chzhu who participated in e-residency called #VirtualCrossovers organised by Asia-Europe Foundation and ENCATC to support virtual mobility for young professionals in the restricted conditions caused by Covid.

Klaudia worked closely with her mentor Dr. Kiwon Hong (South Korea, professor at Korea National University of Arts) to research gender equity in arts, with a particular focus on policies and gaps for visual artists in Europe. She analysed the statistics and current articles on this issue and conducted her own 26 interviews with artists from Europe. Some of them were featured on Art & Culture Inside in the ‘Dialogue’ section.

Towards a Gender Equity in the Arts

Introduction of the article

Reaching gender equality and empowering all women is proclaimed as the 5th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) by the United Nations, from which the artistic sphere should not be exempt. Gender disparity in the arts is a pressing problem in the 21st century. There are many issues that must be addressed by arts institutions and managers to ensure a comfortable and level-playing field for artists.

A new UNESCO report published in 2021 on Gender and Creativity: Progress on the precipice highlights the power of robust data-gathering and indicates the areas it should focus on in the future. It also provides a wide variety of transformative gender policies and measures: from increasing the visibility of women and gender diverse artists, to mentoring and training schemes, opening up funding and ensuring it is accessible in the long term. (See Report pg. 54)

This article will focus on some of the issues that artists have been facing according to their gender and will share ideas for solving them. It is based on researched material covering gender equity issues in the arts and on several interviews with artists from different countries conducted in April 2021. The geographical scope of the article is limited to Europe and the focus is on visual arts as an art form.

Continue to read, tape here

ON MAY 28!
ENCATC Members Talks 2021
Cultural mobility in the new normal: how can we continue to support knowledge exchange and mentoring of young arts professionals?

ENCATC and ASEF are pleased to organise the conversation titled: “Cultural mobility in the new normal: how can we support knowledge exchange and mentoring of young arts professionals?”.

Organised as part of the virtual residency for arts journalists Virtual Crossovers, this talk will present innovative ways to support knowledge exchange and capacity building in times of restricted mobility.

The concept of cultural exchanges in times of physical distancing has emerged as the key challenge of the past year. In response, many actors in the arts have risen to the occasion by devising new and innovative ways to adapt projects to be accessible online and rallying their communities to co-create new digital art projects.

However, in this so-called ‘race’ to generate content amidst the Covid-19 standstill, young and emerging artists, curators, arts journalists and arts managers are often unable to access immersive capacity building opportunities in the same way that distance learning has become the norm in other industries.

Are young arts professionals prepared or equipped to transform their practice into the virtual world? Can they access in-depth training and mentoring? Are they able to collaborate online extensively as they used to through physical exchanges?

The presentations and discussions will look at these issues and present current EU cultural policies to support exchanges with Asia as well share innovative ways to collaborate and learn online.  


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