Site reveals world’s most searched artists during the pandemic time

Due to the need to close museums and art galleries in 2020, many art lovers have turned to the internet as the only way to view the works of their favourite artists. The website “Art Supplies” listed which artists were the most searched for on and who was the most popular in each country during the pandemic.

Leonardo da Vinci appears as the most searched in 82 countries, leading the ranking. Frida Kahlo comes next, as the most searched in 29 of them. The top 7 winning artist are:

#ArtistCountries won in
1Leonardo da Vinci82
2Frida Kahlo29
3Van Gogh24
4Artemisia Gentileschi23
7Diego Velázquez2

Closing the most searched list is Spain’s Diego Velazquez, leading in Nigeria and Uganda.

You can access all the survey information directly here.


Worldwide search data analysed by in February 2021 using Google Keyword planner. The top artist was found using search data for 2020 in each country for each artist.

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