Why May 9 is important to me

Author: Klaudia Chzhu

On the day of May 9, Russians celebrate a Victory day back in 1945 when Hitler was defeated. Russians commemorate people who sacrificed their lives in that cruel human war: women and men, young and old people. It matters to us because every family has its heroes, great grandfathers, and great grandmothers who had to fight for their motherland.

This day is important to me because by remembering it I preserve my family’s memory and story. I am proud of it and want to celebrate it.

My great grandfather had to go to the front in 1940 when he was 25. I simply cannot imagine how people were so brave and strong…to protect their country and freedom. My great grandfather fought on the front and worked there as a photojournalist.

World War II and The Great Patriotic War have brought plenty of masterpieces from poetry and music to painting and cinematography.

I would advise you to watch The Dawns Here Are Quiet (А зори здесь тихие), a film of 1972 by Stanislav Rostotsky. The film follows five women who fought bravely to defend their country, all had different life stories before the war … however, the war brought everyone the same grief and inevitable sad destiny.

Frame from The Dawns Here Are Quiet by Stanislav Rostotsky

I would rather advise you to read the novel The Dawns Here Are Quiet (1969) by Boris Vasilyev, I remember back in school it resonated with me a lot.

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