Virtual tour – Exhibition OSGEMEOS: Secrets

The Pinacoteca de São Paulo, a museum of the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, presents the 360º virtual experience of the mega exhibition OSGEMEOS: Secrets.

OSGEMEOS (b. 1974, São Paulo, Brazil), translated as “THETWINS”, Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, have worked together since birth. As children growing up in the streets of the traditional district of Cambuci (SP), they developed a distinct way of playing and communicating through artistic language. With the encouragement of their family, and the introduction of hip hop culture in Brazil in the 1980s, OSGEMEOS found a direct connection to their dynamic and magical world and a way to communicate with the public. Guided mainly by their willpower, together they explored with dedication and care the various techniques of painting, drawing and sculpture, and had the streets as their place of study.

Due the online exhibition SECRETS, It is now possible to navigate through more than 1000 items of the vast imagination of brothers. There are 10 spaces dedicated to the show, 7 exhibition rooms, the Octagon, the Museum Hall and Patio.

In addition to the virtual visit, it is possible to watch below a guided tour conducted by the artists for public schools, students and teachers. Launched on January 21, it has already been seen by over 32 thousand people on the Pinacoteca’s channels.

Click here and check out the virtual exhibition, directly from Pinacoteca’s website.

And if you want to know more about Os gêmeos / The twins artworks, you can check their complete trajectory here.

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