A journey in South America through STREET ART

Street Art in Cordoba/Argentina, made by Elian Chali

Exactly, you read it right. A route that goes through street art. Perfect for art lovers who may not enjoy spending the day in an indoor environment, this seems like the perfect option. Especially with so many great options to see!

An art that started as a form of protest, today also aims to stimulate creativity and artistic awareness in society, bringing more beauty to cities in a very original way.

Starting from Argentina we have Elian Chali unmissible murals. Elian’s works are known for their abstract compositions and strong colours, through which he reflects and modifies the perception of the architectural spaces he intervenes, giving shape to vibrant murals.

Yet in Cordoba, in the same neighbourhood, Cofico, it is possible to find several other works by the same artist:

Another Street Art in Argentina, but now in the city of Buenos Aires entitled Cocina, and made by the artist Pastel, known for its use of floral images linked to ideas of human nature and a greater awareness of our environment. The mural was painted on Plaza Roca water tower, built on 1950’s. 

Cocina by Pastel, in Buenos Aires/Argentina. Picture taken from streetartnews.net

There are many forms of Street Art, also with different materials. This is the case of Escadaria Selaron, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Escadaria Selaron, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Art work made by Jorge Selaron, 2013
Murals by Kobra, in Brazil.
Mural made by Os Gemeos

In São Paulo we can find huge murals from Kobra, Os Gemeos and many others… each one of them full of colours and stories.

We will keep posting different forms of street art, in different countries! Share with us movements and news related to this theme!

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