José Callado: The best work of an artist is the next one

Hola, José Callado! How did you start your experience with art?

My experience with art comes naturally. I have been developing my work since I was young. My first exhibition was made at the age of 18, since then I have not stopped exhibiting.

What motivates you to create?

My main motivation is creation, in some way the best work of an artist is the next one, what is to come because in my case I am never satisfied.

Do you have an artist who has inspired your own artistic practice or a particular work of art?

The inspiration in my work is a recapitulation of art history in general, but it is true that I have always looked at the Pre-Raphaelites.

José Callado. Sin título, Técnica: Mixta, Medidas: 240×144 cm

Describe your work in a word.


Art for art’s sake or art for people?

Of course art for art’s sake, although it is also true that art has to serve to contribute to society.

What is your recent job / new body of work?

My recent work is based on melting ice, what happens after an ice age. Somehow the world has been frozen for a year, economically and socially. I am interested in the thaw because we can find answers to what is going to happen.

What is it about?

It is a critical social work where the natural principal prevails.

Can you share your social networks to follow you and know more about your art?

You can find me on the networks as José Callado.

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