Greece Celebrates 200 Years of Independence

This year Greeks are commemorating 200 years of freedom after 400 years of Turkish and Ottoman Empire rule, and to mark this important anniversary the arts organisation Neon is renovating a historic building in Athens.

Photo: © Giorgos Charisis; courtesy of the Hellenic Parliament and Neon

The historic tobacco factory in Athens to be renovated into cultural space, currently lies half unused while the other half houses the library of the Hellenic Parliament. Thanks to this initiative in collaboration between the Greek government and the arts organization Neon, the €1m restoration will not only house an exhibition but also a cultural programme, which will run from June to December 2021.

Konstaninos Tasoulas, the Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, said in a statement about the ambitious project that with its show, Neon hopes “to highlight how Greece, its history, and its prospects inspire the contemporary, domestic, and international avant-garde.”

By partnering with private and public institutions, Neon sets up exhibitions around the country, stressing art’s presence and relevance everywhere, not just in galleries or museums. The art foundation also supports programs in education and art appreciation to help widen the public’s interactions with contemporary art.

The full programme will be soon announced. You can read more about the project here.

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