Animalistic thoughs

An online exhibition proposed by Vitor Schietti to celebrate veganism through visual arts. For him, art is a powerful tool for transformation, and what greater transformation is there than turning the world vegan?

Vitor Schietti’s works proposes an abstract idea: to know the thoughts of animals. An exercise that we are not even sure to accomplish regarding our own minds. We get to see these thoughts up close and are able to intrusively appreciate them on their skin texture or eye patterns.

Throughout his life and his travels, Schietti recorded these perceived instincts and consciousness from animals in his notebooks and through the lens of his camera. As in those mazes, the images in this exhibition are made from the sum of many other images.

Looking at the works we follow the lines that connect the characters in the photo. Those lines are both a way of understanding, as a call to look at our side and focus on the environment of the characters.

Poster from Vitor Schietti available at the website The Vegan Utopia

To read the full text by Julia Ferrari and have a look at all the posters made by Vitor Schietti, click here.

There is much to see and learn traveling inside The Vegan Utopia. Don’t miss it! 🙂

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