Virtual Gallery – What is it and how it works?

Always useful for inspiration, with the arrival of 2020 and its uncertainties these galleries have become even more important. Enabling us to travel within their walls, wherever they may be, to check treasures up close.

Every day, more and more institutions are joining the virtual market and all those necessary changes and technological discussions in which the art market was immersed, became, overnight, our daily routine.

The integration of the online presence in this very traditional sector represents a challenge, since it is the first time that many famous art fairs around the world have been able to present and exhibit new items only through the web. At the same time, many other sites show a special collaboration with emerging and established artists, presenting their work and making more information available.

Art is a luxury reserved for few. The sector is considered difficult to access and exclusive to certain elites. However, the growth of online galleries make possible to increase the exchange of information and access to a curated selection of unique artworks in a more affordable price. As a plus, in the online environment, the audience is not intimidated by the search for information and price, thus facilitating a later immersion in galleries and exhibitions in an physical environment. We encourage this type of conversation, almost as if it were a friend contacting a friend. This way, we combine the idea of proximity and familiarity with a sector so far explored by few.

There are various platforms where you can dive: from walking tours to interactive artworks, 360-degree videos, zoomable photos of the world’s famoustest artworks.

There is no shortage of examples. The Guggenheim Museum as well as Rijkmuseum, together with other cultural institutions, are in partnership with Google Arts & Culture, created digital projects where, as an example, you can take a quick tour through temples in India. Artsy offers galleries worldwide its online viewing rooms to sell artworks. Almost all big galleries with brand equity have their own online viewing rooms. We can see this immersive experience enjoying artworks from home but the question of their effectiveness in selling arises, can digitalization replaces personal physical communication?

Have you already virtually attended a gallery today? Share with us your favorite one!

Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vu00e1zquez on

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